Bayside Shutters & Blinds

We’ve been working with Bayside Shutters & Blinds since 2019. They first engaged us to manage their Google Ads campaigns. More recently, we redesigned their website and also assisted them as they expanded marketing activities into emails and social media.

Web Design

We redesigned Bayside’s website early in 2023. The upgraded design is cleaner and more modern than it’s predecessor. It better champions the photos of their work and it includes an expanded products section to showcase all of Bayside’s offerings.

Bayside work hard on their Instagram profile and the new website compliments it well, with a gallery feed from the Insta account and links through to the profile. Call to action, whether it be via call or contact form, is prominent throughout the site, supporting an increase in enquiry.

View the Bayside Shutters & Blinds Website

Ads Management

We have managed Bayside’s Google Ads campaigns since 2019. Their efforts in this area were previously producing sub par results. Once we took control and optimised the account, there was an immediate lift in enquiry. Cost per lead steadily dropped from $150-$250 to $50 or better. Bayside’s Google Ads consist of search campaigns and remarketing.

In 2023 the Ads campaign extended to include advertising on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) which complimented Bayside’s work on their Insta profile. These ads provided further remarketing as well as finding new potential customers on these platforms.

Email Marketing

Through the second half of 2023 we ran extensive email marketing campaigns for Bayside. We helped them cleanse and then utilise their extensive customer database. Not only was this an exercise in improving brand awareness, these emails were also a valuable tool in reconnecting with customers; informing them about new and different products and alerting them about order deadlines. These campaigns, along with a few other additional marketing activities, resulted in a massive uptick in lead generation through the back half of 2023.