Cellpak Online

Cellpak Online utilises its parent company’s 35+ years experience in the auto electronics field provide quality products at the best prices to their Australian customers.

Google Ads

When we first began managing Google Ads for Cellpak Online, the store had been live for over 6 months and not yet made a single sale. After effectively starting from scratch we’ve developed strategical ads campaigns to ensure a steady stream of monthly sales for the store. We look forward to continuing our work here to help Cellpak Online grow and increase their level of sales significantly.


When we first began on SEO for Cellpak Online, the site was generating only about 25 clicks per month organically. We very quickly raised this, as well as the impressions count, by 6x. The site now generates sales consistently from organic traffic. As we continue with this campaign, we’ll look to aggressively target particular product categories such as “Dash Cams”, “Amber Warning Lights” and “LED Beacon Lights” to help Cellpak Online start to take some decent market share in the industry.

Visit the Cellpak Online website.