Haven & Sarah

We started working with Haven and Sarah, a popular local florist in Avalon, in mid 2020, building their website which became a key part of the business’s resilience during COVID. We then commenced SEO and Google Ads management services with them in late 2022, helping them to expand the online portion of their business.

Web Development

We developed Haven and Sarah’s website based on designs provided by them. This is their first website; the business was sparked to take action after the onset of COVID forced the closure of their physical shop. The website allows customers to purchase bouquets and have them delivered to surrounding suburbs. Bouquets are customisable; users can select from various sizes, can choose a delivery date and presentation type and can also enter a message.

View the Haven and Sarah Website

Ads Management

In late 2022 H&S were keen to push sales via their online platform further and thus commenced running Google Ads, alongside and SEO campaign. We took on the management of their Google Ads campaign. Their Google Ads are primarily search based and provide numerous additional sales each month at a profitable cost per sale. After the first full year of the Google Ads and SEO campaign, total revenue from the website had increased 10% from the previous year.


As mentioned above, we commenced an SEO campaign for H&S in late 2022. Our work here has resulted in them ranking towards the top of the rankings for their target suburbs, which has seen an increase in clicks, impressions and ultimately sales. Some examples of ranking improvements include:
– “Mona Vale Florist”, originally ranked 41, now at rank 2 and;
– “Palm Beach Florist”, originally ranked 50, now at rank 2.