Maser is another long term TC Web client. After initially doing a small job for the multinational technology solutions company in 2015 we then reengaged in 2016 to rebuild their website. Since then we’ve continuously supported the evolution of their website and more recently assisted with Google Ads management.

Web Design

We carried out a full rebuild of Maser’s aging website in 2016. Since then we’ve worked on the site constantly – from refreshing designs across their 5 divisions, to building a product quote request system, to creating content pages for various solutions and offerings.

We’re frequently working with the Maser team to manage the multitude of content on the website which must be logically organised and presented in a clear way to Maser’s customers.

Visit the Maser Australia website.

Google Ads Management

We took control of Maser’s Google Ads campaigns in early 2022. Prior this the campaigns saw a large amount of budget wastage; they were poorly optimised and targeted. We’ve helped Maser be far more effective with their ads budget, more than halving their cost per enquiry.