Rose Bay Travel & Israel Travel Centre

Rose Bay Travel is a multi award winning travel agency out of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Their website, as well as that of their offshoot Israel Travel Centre, contains a large amount of content and various integrations and features. We’ve been working with RBT since the start of 2018 and continue to maintain and develop their websites.

Web Development

RBT came to us with designs for both their websites, along with a host of accompanying features. The challenges for us in this project can be summarised into two buckets; number 1, to provide a back-end system that would allow the RBT staff to easily create and organise the large number of pages required for the tours they offer and secondly, to cater for the desired features and integrations in a cost effective manner.

We were able to provide appropriate solutions to all these requirements. As a result RBT saw fantastic improvements in their lead generation, while the staff were happy with the processes in place that allowed them to manage content and customers.

They kindly wrote the following testimonial for the work we did:

As one of Australia’s leading travel agencies, Rose Bay Travel wanted to take our online game to the next level and provide a premium online customer experience. Doing so involved replacing our old site with a modern, immersive and feature-rich site that facilitates an amazing user experience. Having worked with TC Web on previous projects, there was no doubt in our mind who we wanted to partner with to achieve this outcome.

TC Web surpassed our expectations at every stage of the engagement.

Their technical know-how was matched only by their “can-do” attitude. Nothing was ever a problem and a solution was found for every challenge encountered. The right technology and solution was found in each and every instance, and adapted to suit our unique business requirements.

TC Web run a highly consultative process. They strike the optimal balance between implementing the client’s wishes, and providing appropriate recommendations and suggestions that made the entire process more effective and efficient. We were truly able to leverage the extensive technical experience and expertise of the development team.

Of particular note was the ease of use in the “back-end” in addition to the customer-facing “front-end”. This has made implementation and use of the site by our entire staffing team (many of whom are not particularly technical) a breeze, and something we hadn’t even thought about until this gift landed in our lap!

For anyone looking for web developers that get you over the finish line within budget and always with a smile on their face, I cannot recommend TC Web enough!

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