There are an alarming number of trade businesses on the Northern Beaches who don’t pay attention to their website and online presence.

If you are a mechanic, carpenter, plumber, locksmith, electrician etc, think about how many people, everyday, search Google for “Brookvale Panel Beating” or “Manly Plumbing”. Are you there, in the search results, ready to pitch your services against other local tradies to these potential customers?.

Yes, you may think, I’ve got a website. But there is a lot more to it than that – especially if it’s been a while since you set that website up. I really encourage you to answer the following questions.

Does my website work on mobile?

This is one of the most important issues facing small business websites at the moment. Over recent years there has been a huge shift in the devices used to search Google. In fact, last year they announced that Mobile has overtaken Desktop. If your website wasn’t made in the last couple of years, chances are that it is not a mobile friendly site. This means that:

a) Google will penalise your site and send you further down the rankings and
b) Even if a potential customer does end up on your site, they will give up quickly out of frustration.

You can very quickly test your website here: and if your website fails, you should really do something about it! Here at TC Web we are really keen to work with Northern Beaches and Sydney tradies – we can quickly rebuild your site for mobile.

Does my website look good and is it easy to navigate?

If you’ve neglected your website for a while, chances are it may look quite outdated. Have a look at your top competitors – do you think their new, slick websites would be attracting more customers than yours? You may believe that a fancy website like theirs is out of your reach – but don’t be so sure. We can create awesome looking websites for tradies at a reasonable cost, that should pay for itself in the long (or even short!) run. Also, we won’t waste time and money creating some work of art – we understand that for tradies the most important thing is to make the phone ring. What we make for you will look modern, professional yet simple and action oriented.

Does my website appear high on Google when I search for my services?

So you got a website created for your Mechanic services or your Plumbing business, put some details in then left it. If you search for “Northern Beaches Mechanic” or “Dee Why Plumbing” does your business come appear in the results? Some very quick content and setting adjustments to your website can have you showing up a lot higher. Small improvements can make big differences to the amount of enquiries you have coming in and we are very good, here at TC Web, at providing these services at an affordable cost.

Are my details on and up to date on Google MyBusiness?

You know that box that comes up first on Google with business details? If yours aren’t there or if they are wrong, then you are missing out! This is just another simple thing to fix and another way to attract more clients. Just another thing that we can happily sort out for you.

If there are any of these boxes that your business needs to tick, then talk to us today. We’re very keen to work with local tradies. We want to see the web bring you more customers and help you you become one of the main players in your trade on the Northern Beaches or even across Sydney.