Link building remains as one of the most important aspects of SEO. Quality backlinks are an important ranking factor and therefore obtaining links often becomes a focus for digital marketers.

Many businesses struggle to come up with legitimate ways to get these backlinks. It’s hard for say, a local plumber, to produce interesting content or to become influential enough to prompt news outlets or other authoritative websites to link back to their website. After registering for various online directories, they become short on ideas.

It is at this point that dubious SEO providers enter the picture. A quick search presents plenty of cheap link building services. High domain authoritative links are promised and the cost seems too good to be true.

Some people even follow up the typical SEO spam emails that are sent to business email addresses every day and engage them.

What you’ll notice from using these services is that your rankings will probably originally go up. You may even enjoy a month or two of increased traffic to your business’s website. But in most cases your ranking will eventually plummet.

Google will figure out what you’ve done sooner or later – the links that have been built for you are likely spammy or irrelevant. You’ll be hit with a penalty and your website will drop perhaps lower than it ever was before. It can be very hard to recover a website once it has been penalised. You will have to work to remove or disavow the troublesome links and even then many sites still bear the burden of the earlier penalty.

Through legitimate work in promoting your business and website you will find that your ranking should gradually rise. Aside from this, you can engage a reputable SEO service provider. They may be expensive, but they are the safest and most effective way to gain quality backlinks.